Trelet ~ The Land of Words (#LudumDare45)

I did it again!!

After what felt like forever I finally made another game! It's for Ludum Dare again and it's called 'Trelet' (which is supposed to be pronounced french-y: 'Truh-Lay')!

It's a puzzle-platformer that combines traditional platforming with Scrabble-like word-puzzle mechanics!

screenshot of the game

You can download it right now on itch.io!

So far...

... reception has been pretty positive! People have commented on itch.io and Ludum Dare and the most cool website 'AlphaBetaGamer' made another post about my game, which, again, feels awesome!

I did find out the hard way that the game is very lacking in the 'communicating finer details of the mechanics'-departement, but I'll take that to hard and get some people to playtest my next Ludum Dare game!

Anyway, I'm off to play some of other people's Ludum Dare games now, while eagerly awaiting the ratings for mine!

Thanks for reading!