Some Screenshots!

I've been working on re-making my Ludum-Dare game "UEDJ - A Crime Solving Desk Job" lately, and now that I've got the basic structure of the project laid down and some basic content already pseudo-ready, I feel like I've got some screenshots to show!

Here's the screenshots:

Starting with this new Login Screen where the player can choose their name. If you've played the original, you'll definitely notice that I've doubled the internal resolution. This is just to allow for better text readability as well as for fitting more text onto one screen.

screenshot 1

This one shows one of the main things I wanted to do this time: There's now an actual multi-tasking window system. The windows are resizable and movable with their content adjusting to their sizes properly.

You can also see a currency indicator in the bottom right of the screen. I'm thinking about adding some additional systems that create another layer of gameplay. More about that at another time!

screenshot 2

Lastly, here's something that's not quite a screenshot, but rather a collage of a bunch of assets I've made.

I like basically creating a mockup in photoshop and working in that when I'm doing new sprites, because it allows me to evaluate how they'll look in-game better!


The End

That's all for now! I'm sure I'll be posting again at some point!