Pico is pretty awesome! ❤

What makes Pico special?

I had struggled with creating a decent-looking website for a while now, and since I always wanted to try blogging and had recently re-discovered my passion for creative writing, I went around looking for a content management system.

One would think the obvious choice to be WordPress, since it's so popular and supposedly easy to get started with. But WordPress had the unfortunate disadvantage of actually having been used by me before (along with Drupal), and I really didn't like it. The reason being that I felt like both of these systems were just too bloated with features that I didn't need or want. I'm not particularly obsessed with performance, but what I am concerned with is having a decent understanding of how it actually works. Pico is small enough in both functionality and complexity, that I already, after only having used it for a tiny little while, feel like I know basically everything there is to it.

Pico is like LÖVE

Anyone who's followed my game development journey even half-assedly would know that my game framework of choice is LÖVE (or Love2d depending on your Umlaut-Preference, I guess). I've tried others (Unity and Godot for example) but just like with WordPress and Pico, the simplicity LÖVE offers is just beautiful. There's no Scene Editor and no heavy software you need to fire up each time you feel like working on your game, it's just a folder and a few .lua files. This simplicity and minimalism takes away the awe at this huge toolset, replacing it with an orderly blank directory. If Unity and Drupal are extensive filing systems where you could just put that binder wherever, but in the end someone will come and remind you patronizingly that there's a proper place for it in shelf 23-C, LÖVE and Pico give you just a single empty shelf (with a few bookends maybe).

That's it!

That was surprisingly short, wasn't it? Well, to be honest, I'm not an expert when it comes to web development - I just barely feel comfortable calling myself a hobbyist. I didn't write this post to give a review of Pico, or an in-depth comparison to other CMSes. The real reason is very simple: I had a lot of fun working with Pico and felt like I wanted to share how I feel. Oh, and also I just wanted to have a post online when I launched this website...